And Who Is My Neighbor?
And Who Is My Neighbor?

In this issue we focus on the racism that is upheld and nurtured by people and by systems- prison systems, laws, and common (mis) perceptions. Coming on the heels of a vituperative election where racist and prejudiced remarks were uttered and supported and now a four-year presidency that has many fearful of their safety and peace; it is imperative that we draw near to each other to listen, empathize and support those that suffer under institutionalized injustice and cry out as one against these oppressions.

These articles touch upon a range of issues from racism, gender issues, marginalization and poverty, but are unified by the call for Christians to educate themselves on the world that is, and work together for the world that Could Be.

This edition asks the question: What can we do- as Christians, as women, as men, as brother, as sister, as poor, as rich? The question seems daunting at first, but oppression and injustice win when you think “I am just one person- what can I do?” You can start with mercy. Start with answering the call of Jesus to be a servant to others.  You volunteer at local organizations, read books to educate yourself, start dialogues with others, and add your voice to commonGood to take a step towards wholeness for ALL humanity. So friends- Go and do likewise.

In this edition we also welcome Chris Bates to the commonGood team as . We are blessed to have him at the helm; he brings valuable insight, experience and passion to his position. The commonGood newsletter will be undergoing changes for the next installment so be on the lookout for new visuals, articles and engagement.

grace and peace be yours in abundance.


Posted by Debbie Wright