Our Story


​Launched by Madison Street Church in 2009, commonGood is a faith-grounded, grassroots, asset-based community development effort. We are focused on and committed to utilizing our assets to serve our local and global neighbors.



commonGood exists because of our desire to be instrumental in the care of and investment into our immediate (local) and surrounding (global) communities.

We call ourselves commonGood because we are committed to being God’s Goodness, or Shalom, in Riverside through common means.  Currently, we are using our skills and passions in the Arts, Childhood Development, and Sustainability.  We are in the development, planning, and fundraising stages for our Health Care Clinic and Social Purpose Enterprises.

​Our Vision​

Relationships where neighbors are nourished, children are loved, where the arts flourish, and where creation is cherished. ​

Our Values

​​faith-Centered: we are motivated toward community development out of God’s missional call, the example of Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit

​asset-Based: we seek to uncover and use the strengths, skills, gifts, and aspirations of our community for sustainable development

​partnership-Oriented: we believe if a project is worth doing, it is worth doing in collaboration with others

​neighborhood-Driven: while we care about the world, our nation, the inland region of Southern California, and the city of Riverside, we are especially drawn to what we know as the “Madison Street Corridor” - the liminal space that touches Magnolia Center, Ramona, and Casa Blanca neighborhoods

​hope-Driven: while we see the world as it is, we also see glimpses of the world we believe it can become