Resolving for Change
Resolving for Change

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Change for myself and for the community

I cannot believe that 2014 has passed. As I reflect on last year I am reminded of the resolution I made for myself where my wife and I discussed living into a healthier way. Not only to invest in the health of our community, but also the health of our family.

First, what that meant for us was committing to eating Organic foods. We chose to begin buying entirely organic in 2014 because we wanted to avoid Pesticides, GMOs, and unnecessary food additives, and support farmers across the globe. In 2013, about half of all our groceries were organic and we increased that to roughly 95%. This is not only good for our health, but it is a healthy practice for the environment, particularly when we purchase local organic produce.

Second, it meant eating the right kinds of organic foods. It is one thing to eat a product labeled “organic,” but an organic label does not mean the food is meant for daily/weekly consumption. Foods that became daily staples in our 2014 diet were Dark Leafy Greens: kale/chard/collards and Citrus: lemons/grapefruits. For our weekly diet we included: Meats/Animal Products: chicken, eggs, turkey, and occasional grass fed/finished beef. Healthy Fats: butter/coconut/avocados. And various veggies and fruits such as onions, celery, carrots, garlic, apples, berries (my 2 year old daughter’s most favorite treat), dates, and ginger, depending on the growing season.

Third, healthy meant NOT over indulging in ‘sometimes’ foods. My ‘resolution to change’ had the hardest time with this. Sweet desserts like breads, chips, ketchup, cream & sugar in my coffee, and going out to eat where there is food cooked in unhealthy and addictive oils, has often been a pitfall in how I care for myself. At one point these types of foods were everyday (multiple times a day), indulgences. In 2014, these moments of indulgence became sometimes, that meant 1-3 times a month, max!

And, lastly, the final aspect of my resolution to change was participating in the Camp’s 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge. Which would welcome me into 2015!

I am very thankful for The Camp. I able to participate in this challenge for a bargain deal, BUT Erick, his team, and so many members of The Camp were eager to support my idea to use the 6-week challenge as a fundraiser for the commonGood! The Camp committed to $10 for every pound lost!

Working out at The Camp was truly, a rewarding CHALLENGE.

Here are MY RESULTS: Start of 2014: 265 pounds Camp Challenge weigh-in: 233.4 pounds.
After the challenge, which endured through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year: 213 pounds!
Over 50 pounds during the year and 20 pounds for my 6 week challenge!

If you committed to make a donation click here: donation via PayPal. You can mail out a check to Via Shalom DBA commonGood 3991 Madison St. Riverside ca 92504 memo: 6 week challenge
If you committed to give during the 6 Week Challenge:  $1 per Lb= $20 donation  $2/Lb = 40 $5/Lb= $100  $10/Lb = $200
Or you can give for full weight loss of 2014: $1 per Lb= $50 donation  $2/lb = 100 $5/Lb= $250  $10/Lb = $500

Thank you so much for all your support! All of the commonGood team wishes you a Happy and HEALTHY 2015!

Posted by Debbie Wright